Grupo Arpa Médica donates to the municipality of Navalucillos PCR test to detect the coronavirus

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


Los Navalucillos (Toledo, Spain) local government announces that PCR tests will be carried out on all residents and workers of the nursing home and the health center thanks to the Grupo Arpa Médica.

After weeks appealing to the Spanish Government, the local city council itself had to look for their citizens and find a solution thanks to the disinterested help of a private entity.

They regret the abandonment of the Regional Government, when deaths have already occurred in the nursing home, without it being possible to verify in all cases whether the causes are related to COVID-19.

Los Navalucillos City Council has thanked the Grupo Arpa Médica, which, through the Doctor Palomo Foundation and with the collaboration of the Eurolabs laboratory, has donated more than 150 PCR tests to detect the coronavirus, after of weeks appealing to the Community Board of Castilla-La Mancha to make these tests in the nursing home, where there are several infected and there have already been deaths, without being able to verify the causes in all cases, in the face of passivity of the Regional Government.

As explained by the mayor, José Ángel Pérez Yepes, “in the end it has had to be the local government itself, moving heaven and earth, knocking on all doors”, which has obtained the collaboration of a private entity to solve the situation worrying that the local nursing home lives. A company that will disinterestedly donate the tests and to which “we thank you with all our heart for the effort you make to help us,” he stressed.

For the municipal councilor, this is a measure that will allow to know with exact data the real situation in which both residents and their caregivers are, as well as all the staff of the health center, the municipal security forces and staff home help, “which will help us make the best decisions and implement a certain strategy that, with everyone’s help, allows us to protect all citizens and especially our elders.”

“It is not easy to go through all this alone, in a small town where we lack the resources that the Community Board does have, have been very hard days, of great anguish, in which we have not felt supported”, he has Pérez Yepes regretted, who wanted to convey his condolences to the people who have lost a loved one, as well as all the encouragement to the sick and family members who continue to fight the virus.

The mayor of Los Navalucillos has assured that “we are all with them and their families, for what they need, putting the best we have and hoping with all our strength to be correct in our decisions.” A support that he recognizes that he has felt on the part of his neighbors, “this is a great town and he is demonstrating it again, everyone is willing to help, I cannot be more grateful,” said the popular mayor.

In this sense, he has sent a message of tranquility and I encourage all his fellow citizens, “because we finally have the tools to tackle the situation”, “we are going to continue taking all the necessary measures, we are going to continue putting security and everyone’s health above anything else and we will leave our skin if necessary from the City Hall, they can be sure of that”.

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